Homegrown sounds great but involves a certain amoung of commitment. You have to remember to water the plants which is more of a challenge for some than others. I belong to that category and so I always use aquaponics for my indoor plants. For the past 3 years I have grown our sallad in gutters on the side of the house – but due to the plastic component I am reconsidering.


But there is another component – how can I minimize the risk of lead and bisfenol A in my veggies, taking into account that watering hoses can have lead and BPA at 18 and 20 times above safe levels, respectively. And bendable plastic containers probably contain BPA or BPS which according to the Sinmilarity list can have the same risks.

I want to try aquaponics this year and was thrilled to read about Home Ecology’s floating islands and aquaponic kitchen gardens. We live  by one of Swedens millions(?) of lakes and so we will be trying lakeside vegetables this year! Nothing like an evening kayak trip to check on the vegetables and discourage the beavers from enjoying our veggie appetizers…

And of course I need a topside kitchen aquaponic herb garden. I wish Home Ecology the best of luck with their crowd funding!

Author: Ingrid Franzon