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Moms speak out on chemicals and GMOs

Most people think that the EU does not allow GMOs. In Sweden animals can now be fed with genetically modified crops. The antibiotics and glyphosate used in production add to the health risks from GMOs. Moms speak out about GMOs – because their children get over their illnesses when they clean up their diet and

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Homegrown sounds great but involves a certain amoung of commitment. You have to remember to water the plants which is more of a challenge for some than others. I belong to that category and so I always use aquaponics for my indoor plants. For the past 3 years I have grown our sallad in gutters on the

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Spring is on its way!

Slowly but surely, winter’s grip is loosening and many of us wants to start growing our own food. I think it is a wonderful time when you can start thinking about what to cultivate this year. Last year my plan was to only grow a few crops but it ended up with probably 20 different

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Den söta ananasen

The pineapple is heavily sprayed with pesticides and it’s not the consumers who suffer the most, it’s the farmers… In the Philippines and Kenya they still use chemicals that is banned in the EU, because they are harmful to both the environment and our health. Why is it ok to sell these products? We have here

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I want a castiron pan

Time flies and it’s soon Christmas. Toxxscan has some webinars coming up that focus on tips for a tox-free Christmas. Last weekend Toxxscan’s Elina Carblom took part in a training course arranged by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation´s (SSNC) chemical network, due to the increase in demand of lecturers on chemicals in Sweden. Elina was deeply shocked

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