Toxxscan can take the ”chemical guessing” out of shopping. The service is designed to use authoritative data to analyse and colour code product ingredients and help you avoid known chemical health risks – not just the few that are forbidden by the EU REACH agreement!


Imagine if children could grow up without being receptacles to the thousands of harmful chemical substances in our environment. Avoid being exposed to hormone disrupting (EDCs) and other chemicals that cause weight gain, allergies or health problems like cancer. That they could be free to be children.














We need to protect them and say NO to exposure to chemical health risks. This is why we are designed Toxxscan. The easy way to buy or make the safest products.

Toxxscan is designed by EnvirohealthMatters.  

Toxxscan’s secret

Toxxscan links to chemical research that has already been published by international authoritative data. It isn’t really a secret – but it is hard for most people to find or understand. Certainly not when you are trying to decide between products in the store. Toxxscan can do the job for you, colour-coding it to make it easier to understand.

Consumers could scan food or check internet products with an app to show ingredients or products with no known health risks.

Producers of goods, apps or websites can license Toxxscan’s unique software and review their product ingredients en masse. This helps to reduce production or sales of products with known health risks.

How did Toxxscan start?

Toxxscan started out just like anything else. We had a problem and that problem needed to be solved. In this case it started with chemicals that have a negative influence on our health. For instance phthalates – endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs that can be found in most perfumed goods, your evening meal that has been microwaved in plastic or sunscreen on your body.

By disrupting the endocrine system, these chemicals can be related to numerous health problems increasing time to pregnancy, affecting reproduction, endocrine-related cancers, obesity and diabetes. The scary part is that phthalates/EDCs are only a few of the thousands of chemical compounds that pose a risk to your health.

Freedom of choice is a birthright but when it comes to the complex labelling of chemical ingredients it’s hard to exercise that freedom.  So we asked ourselves – why do these chemicals continue to be used and why it’s so difficult to discover and avoid them? Our first step is to make the risks transparent!

Thanks to our research and development team the database design is solid. It is designed by Dr Robert Verkerk, from the Alliance for Natural Health International, Dr Fiorella Belpoggi and Dr Daniele Mandrioli, from the Ramazzini Institute, Italy and produced by EnvirohealthMatters and the Toxxscan team as an incubator start-up at UIC, Uppsala Innovation Centre.

Everyone has the right to know and be able to protect their loved ones. Chemical ingredients should not be something that can be hidden, and certainly not something you as a consumer or company should be unable to access information on. Please help us fund the tool that we all need. We are so close!

3 researchers

You’re needed on the team that realises Toxxscan.

Add your genius to the database. Design the app. Create the marketing strategy. Power up our social media. Finance the next step. Or pay for the whole deal and run the show so we can clean up our act and reduce chemical health risks everywhere.

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