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What exactly does Toxxscan do to reduce chemical health risks?

The database links chemicals to online chemical research to identigy possible health risks. Today this information is only accessible and understandable to scientists. Toxxscan is open source and available to the public.
The software is licensed to manufacturers, agencies and distributors. The tool scans all types of bar codes and making it possible to review a barcode and detect potential product health risks in real time. The results are color-coded for clarity.
The app will be developed in a future phase. The app profiles products without health risks with a thumbs up. You scan a bar code, get linked to the database and receive the color-coded results. Thumbs up indicates no known risks. A question mark links to an easy to understand research summary of the risks. Transparency about health risks increases the demand for safer products which decreases the risks.

I have searched iTunes for the toxxscan app and cannot locate it. Please can you assist me?

The app is not ready for use yet. We are currently working up to crowdfunding. You can support us by writing about Toxxscan to your friends, signing up for our newsletter, liking and sharing on Facebook and @Twitter.

Can I help in any way?

We are 4 months away from launch – that is once we have the money we need to scale up the database. So our priority right now is to have contact with as many people as possible so we can start crowdfunding. Please tell all you friends about Toxxscan. If you sign up for our newsletter we will keep you up to date. And right now you can do one or all of the following!

By e-mail you can send your friends a link to our website and tell about our newsletter.
On Facebook you can share all our posts to your friends from the Toxxscan page.
On Twitter you can like us @toxxscan.
You can also find us at Google+.
See you there!

Can I make a donation now?

All donations are gratefully received and we are currently crowdfunding.  Please help us to meet our goal there.

If you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your support!
The Toxxscan Team.

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