Consumers are concerned about product safety. Many fears are unfounded but one should not need to be a chemist to go shopping! Consumers expect that the producer and, ultimately the trade should provide risk-free products.

We all want to avoid hazardous chemicals in our environment and yet this information is practically inaccessible and leads to a lack of transparency. We also lack the technology that makes this information easily accessible. EnvirohealthMatters has designed a service which makes this information easily accessed and understood. It is called Toxxscan.

Our team of researchers and experts developed the scientific protocol that interrogates 6 international research authoritites on known chemical health hazards.

The Toxxscan industrial service can be useful for a producer, authority, distributor or on-line services. Anyone can, without prior scientific knowledge, evaluate a single or group of chemicals and assess the risks and benefits long before going to market. We are able to assess any chemical on the market, not just those allowed by EUs Reach agreement as there are many more chemicals that cause harm and are still used daily. This is not good for consumers or producers.

Toxxscan can be used to scan a barcode, read the ingredients and link the user directly to the data source as needed. The information will be analyzed and/or aggregated and made available in many different ways, it is machine readable and can be linked to other records. The Toxxscan software can make it possible for a company to ascertain whether or not a chemical ingredient is safe, or even poses a mild or serious health risk in production or to the consumer.

Toxxscan can also be used to drive a consumer scanner or an app as shown in the following film.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in the final development phase of the database and contribute to making the service you need for your company.



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