Organic is the new ordinary

Every other person buy organic food today. And in advertising, more and more companies are presenting their organic products! This is of course absolutely wonderful! It really is proof that together we can make a change! However, there are still people who feel hesitant about the “new” organic. For example, my grandmother, she does not understand why she should buy organic, she’s old now and has always eaten “regular” food. I tried to explain to her that the organic food is the “regular” food for her because it was the organic food she grew up with. Then there are other people who say that organic only is a bluff, it’s something that people just want to make money on. This is not true, you can compare it like with I say I’m a vegan and then I go down stairs at night and eat lots of meat.

To grow organically is a lifestyle, a different mindset, an understanding of nature and animals, and that not everything is about money but also about the responsibility of mother earth. Organic farmers do not make any more money than a commercial farmer does, in addition, often organic farmers spend a few more hours on their farm, and get less paid.

Many studies show that people who choose to eat organic foods have lower levels of degradation products from pesticides in their bodies than those who rarely or never choose organic. I can understand if you feel that you can not afford to always choose organic when it still more often a bit more expensive. But there are ways to maybe afford it, change your habits. Reduce the meat, reduce snacks, fast-food and soft drinks. Remember that for 1kg sweets you will get 5 kg of bananas.