Toxxscan’s primary concern is to help consumers avoid known health hazards in products that they use daily. Unlike many other databases Toxxscan information is not dependent on our own expertise. We rely solely on evidence based data from public health agencies. Collection and analysis of data is computerised. Toxxscan interrogates published chemical research on authoritative databases (list to be published after we launch) to discover known chemical health risks associated with chemical ingredients.

Database data can be colour-coded to make it easy to understand giving easy access to everyone. We do not assess the amount of chemical used as the real risk is not the individual chemical but rather the accumulation or so-called chemical cocktail that occurs during a life-time of exposure. These chemicals are not readily disposed of so our goal is to minimize the risk of accumulation by avoiding exposure to chemicals with known health risks.

Toxxscan empowers and educates consumers and producers alike – allowing them to make informed decisions.

Toxxscan colour-coding

Green: No known health concerns

Amber: Possible health concerns.

Red: Ingredients with Endocrine Disrupting Chemical or cancerrisk.

Grey: No data available.


Users who want to learn more can access the linked source, read about evidence based health concerns and exercise informed choice.

The Toxxscan database is designed as a tool that helps consumers make safer choices and encourages producers to find alternative ingredients.

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