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Moms speak out on chemicals and GMOs

Most people think that the EU does not allow GMOs. In Sweden animals can now be fed with genetically modified crops. The antibiotics and glyphosate used in production add to the health risks from GMOs. Moms speak out about GMOs – because their children get over their illnesses when they clean up their diet and

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The EU-commission evaded the law on EDCs

The EU has been caught breaking the law by failing to publish a definition for ‘endocrine disrupting chemicals’ known as EDCs – the chemicals that affect our hormones and used in many every day products. The EU’s regulation on biocidal products (substances that are intended to destroy risks but that can also have a harmful

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Choosing healthy food 4 kids

It’s a challenge to provide nutritious food for a child. It’s all about the colour, texture and smell! For one child it can’t be mixed for another it has to be mixed. But the real challenge is to provide the variety needed to grow up with healthy bodies, brains, bones, muscles and nervous system. Dr Robert

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What is the sum of your beauty products?

Most people have probably used some type of beauty product/ hygiene product, many people use it daily. Do you know what your beauty products contain then? Do you think of how many you use daily? Many beauty products available on the market today contain chemicals that are not good for us. It may be, for

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EDC costs = Hormone Disruptors

Warnings about hormone disruptors cause a lot of concern. It is about time that the risks were made clear and substances forbidden. According to a new study released by the Endocrine Society, exposure of EDC‘s – Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals, is costly. A conservative estimate shows that EDC’s cost the EU €157 billion annually. A team of 18 scientists

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Homegrown sounds great but involves a certain amoung of commitment. You have to remember to water the plants which is more of a challenge for some than others. I belong to that category and so I always use aquaponics for my indoor plants. For the past 3 years I have grown our sallad in gutters on the

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