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Moms speak out on chemicals and GMOs

Most people think that the EU does not allow GMOs. In Sweden animals can now be fed with genetically modified crops. The antibiotics and glyphosate used in production add to the health risks from GMOs. Moms speak out about GMOs – because their children get over their illnesses when they clean up their diet and

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To eat or not to eat TUNA

Judging by a recent study on canned tuna you might need to rethink your tuna sandwich. Are you going to carry on eating tuna and go for the cans without bisfenol A – BPA. Unfortunately there are other risks to take into account. When it comes to tuna they come big. Tuna grow fat on all the

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What is the sum of your beauty products?

Most people have probably used some type of beauty product/ hygiene product, many people use it daily. Do you know what your beauty products contain then? Do you think of how many you use daily? Many beauty products available on the market today contain chemicals that are not good for us. It may be, for

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vinyl gloves’ be or not to be

Visiting my locally grocery store. Waiting for help and happen to glance over the counter where they, among other things, serves hot dogs, selling lottery tickets, stamps and operate postal services. There is a box of powder free Vinyl Gloves. I know they still exists, but yet Im amazed. Even today, in our modern times, with

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