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“But I’ll be tougher than tough and smarter than smart… and earn my money honestly!”

We rely heavily on the state, our politicians and the law. We believe that they keep tabs on everything and that we are protected. However this is only one side of the coin as it’s really all about the money. Industries strive to increase yearly production and earn more and more money in order to stay

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Den söta ananasen

The pineapple is heavily sprayed with pesticides and it’s not the consumers who suffer the most, it’s the farmers… In the Philippines and Kenya they still use chemicals that is banned in the EU, because they are harmful to both the environment and our health. Why is it ok to sell these products? We have here

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One world and one life

We have one world to share and one life to live. In order to live that life we need a few important elements. We need water, air, food, sun and gravity. We can influence four of these elements but in the past 100 years our influence has been negative. And yet we have not run out of

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